When I was going to school it was a regular day; then when morning anouncments said that baseball tryouts were coming I absolutely knew that I wasn't going to tryout.  Then the day kept going on and I still wasn't convinced to tryout, but then we went to sixth period which is P.E. and Mr. Gist told me that we're going to play baseball and I was so bummed.  After we were playing for about 30 minutes I said to Mr. Gist,"This is actually really fun"  So I thought to myself I'm going to try to make the baseball team.  The first thing I did was call home and tell one of my parents that I was going to tryout.  And after school I went and gave it my best and throughout the two practices that we had I did very good.  The day came that we had to cut people, so they kept talking to a ton of people, but then after Mr. Wolsey told the team,"If you didn't get talked to then you made the team"  I was so excited and then I thought to myself wonder whats going to happen next.

Bryce Esteves, Reporter

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