!!!!BOOM!!!! Video Game NEWS!!!

Angel Sanchez, Reporter

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The news about video games that I have heard is that video games are getting more and more violent which is also something that can be found on YouTube. Another fact is that video games are getting not only more fun for kids but also more addicting as if they dart into their brains. One of the best things that is going on with video games is that they are getting more high tech like the VR  (virtual reality) which can lead to greatness if architects start to use it. There might be new things going on with video games but we all should know that is just the governments way of distracting us from what is going on in life.  Another example is Conan Exiles which is already being shown on YouTube.The main reason that barely anyone could find out is that the government is purposely allowing people to make any video game because their not only trying to get kids to play it their trying to get everyone in the world to play ; it is why they make new games as quick as possible like-the final non updated version of The Forest, which already caught the attention of the people that played it before.

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!!!!BOOM!!!! Video Game NEWS!!!