William Harbour
My name is William Presley Harbour. But I am often just called Will. I am in 8th grade and I became a Reporter for Mustang Times in 2014, my 6th grade year.  My birthday is September 8, 2002 so I am currently 13 years old. In my family, I have 5 older brothers, 1 mom, and 1 dad. My favorite foods are Bacon and Watermelon and my favorite colors are brown, green and red for Bacon and Watermelon. A few of my hobbies are Bowling, practicing Magic Tricks, playing Baseball, watching Animes, Hunting Shiny Pokemon,  playing Yu-gi-oh the trading card game, and collect DC and Marvel action figures and Comic Books. My best buds are Morgan Bond Sannar, Matthew Edward Sanchez, and Wyatt Clifford Hartman. The reason they are my BFFs is because they share some of the same interests and hobbies as I.

William Harbour, Reporter

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