Gianna Cardenas
My Name is Gianna Charlize Cardenas and I am 11 about to turn 12.This is all about me first off I  was born August 22nd 2004 in Visalia I have 2 younger Brothers Uriah who is 10 and in 6th Grade and I have a 6 year old brother who is in 1st Grade and I have a Half-Sister named Cambria who is 18 years and is going to C.O.S. Now more about me In my free time I love to play Volleyball it is my all time Favorite Sport, I also Absolutely  love to Sing I used to take singing lessons but I don't anymore.One of my other hobbies are I love to Do art and craft its really fun to sketch,draw,and paint.I also love Animals I have a 6 year old American Bulldog and his name is Gideon,and I have a 5 month old Yorkie Pom Mix named Pepito they are both super Sweet and silly. When I grow up I hope to become a singer or a Fashion Designer those are my top 2 anyway. Anyway I also love to travel my favorite place to camp is Santa Cruz I love to ride banana bikes and race around the campsite, I also love to visit Santa Maria we but I've only gone once for my brothers tournament but it was still amazing.In all I love everything in this world especially all this stuff.

Gianna Cardenas, Reporter

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