Full House

Full House

August 29

Miss Alyssa Azevedo

Daniel Smith, Reporter

August 19

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Alyssa Azevedo is a 7th grade at Sundale Elementary school. Alyssa has been going to Sundale since preschool and she made it to 7th grade. Alyssa was born 6/15/04 now she is 12 years old in the year of 2016 . Alyssa lives in a...

Poem About Me

Bryce Esteves, Reporter

August 17

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Bryce Energetic, Athletic, Emotional and Talkative, Brother of Madison and Tyler Esteves, Lover of Selena Gomez, Supporter of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lover of Taylor Swift, Who feels like me when I am down or sobbing, Who feels like ...

All About Gianna Charlize Cardenas

Alyssa Azevedo, Reporter

August 15

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An artistic 7th grade singer at Sundale School, who loves volleyball would be words you would use to describe Gianna Cardenas. August 22, 2004, in Visalia, California, is the date Gianna was born to parents Gina and George. Sh...

Mrs. Tyler

Alyssa Azevedo, Reporter

April 27

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Would you like to get to know one of Sundale’s very own 6th grade teachers, Mrs. Tyler, just a little bit better? Well then, you’ve come to the right place. In this article you’ll learn a lot about Mrs. Kimberlie Tyler! Mr...

Mrs. Ally White

Alyssa Azevedo, Reporter

April 26

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Would you like to know a little about one of Sundale’s substitute teachers, Miss Ally White? Well, then this article is perfect for you. Miss White is soon to become Mrs. DeGroot, as she is currently engaged to Mica DeGroot...

Dance Moms

Alyssa Azevedo, Reporter

March 3

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Right now in season 6 of Dance Moms, Mackenzie and Maddie Ziegler are leaving the reality show! They will continue to dance, but are hoping to create more time for other projects. From the beginning, they took dance lessons at A...