Angel Sanchez, Reporter

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Badminton is a sport that was invented in 1860, by British India officers; they started this game by putting a net in between players while they were already playing the British games Battledore and shuttlecock. The rules of it is that a group of people are divided into 2 teams and they’re given racket and one side is given a thing called a birdie-or shuttlecock. Even though some people decide not to get a real badminton net they sometimes improvise with a volleyball net even though there is a huge problem with it usually causes conflict. The main source of the conflict that comes from the volleyball net is that the holes are too big and the shuttlecock go through it and they don´t like to agree if it is a point. It is played as the best of three games; but for each game the one that is declared winner is the first to 15 points.

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