BOOM HALO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angel Sanchez, Reporter

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Halo is a mature video game that came out in November 2001. It is based on a situation that could happen–but hopefully not–since it is an alien game. In the games you have to kill the aliens that landed on earth and attempt to destroy the human race, as if they darted into a war. To progress in the game you have to get to certain points and stay alive; If you die there are checkpoints set on the path to the end of the game. Once you get in the game it automatically sets you to Master Chief the main character in single player and the overall time the game might take could be and hour (if you´re not bad at games). There are currently 5 Halo games, but my informer has told me that there might be a sixth coming soon. Now there is only one thing left to say about it don´t play it if your not old enough.

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BOOM HALO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!