My Best Friend

Andrea Medina, Reporter

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One way to describe my best friend Gianna is to write a story about her! Gianna goes to Sundale school Elementary, she is 11 years old, and has 3 siblings, even though her twin passed away. She has one brother and two sisters. She loves ACTING, and in my opinion, she should be on Broadway. Gianna does Sundale drama, she has done a performance about a video game, it was a random topic, but like Gianna she made it work! She loves to be around friends and explore the world. Gianna and I have big dreams one day, I want to be a pro soccer player and Gianna wants to be a actress , but since this is not about me let’s get back to Gianna. She and I have been best friends since 4th grade even though it’s a short time, we treat each other like sisters. We do fight, but she is my like my second sister. I hope we will stay best friends forever!

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My Best Friend