Mrs. Tyler

Alyssa Azevedo, Reporter

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Would you like to get to know one of Sundale’s very own 6th grade teachers, Mrs. Tyler, just a little bit better? Well then, you’ve come to the right place. In this article you’ll learn a lot about Mrs. Kimberlie Tyler! Mrs. Tyler is a fun, energetic and crazy person who is full of life. Along with teaching, Mrs. Tyler coaches sports here at Sundale as well. Mrs. Tyler has grown to love coaching sports because she enjoys watching the kids thrive outdoors and get to know their competitive nature. If you didn’t already know, Mrs. Tyler is the supervisor, and teacher, of the 6th period elective, Leadership. She enjoys teaching this class because it allows her to work with the “leaders of tomorrow.” Her favorite part of teaching is watching her students have their “oh moments” when the light bulb clicks on. Her passion for being a teacher comes from her desire to inspire students and watch them grow. Mrs. Tyler teaches 6th grade Language Arts and Social Studies. If she wasn’t a teacher, she believes she would be a headhunter in business. Mrs. Tyler told me that if she were a crayon, she would be a rainbow crayon because rainbows are full of life and so is she. As you can see, Mrs. Tyler is an amazing teacher with a huge passion for bettering her students education!

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Mrs. Tyler