Gifted Hands

Alyssa Azevedo, Reporter

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Gifted Hands is all about Ben Carson’s life (who, by the way, should be the president of the United States in my opinion). In the start of the movie it shows Ben Carson at the hospital he works at. While he is there, they talk about these two babies that were born with their heads stuck together (Siamese twins). His boss tells him that Ben is the best brain surgeon ever, and would like for him to work on the twins. Usually doing a surgery like this one of the babies always dies but… you’ll have to watch the movie or continue reading this article/summary to find out more. Then it goes to Ben Carson when he was a kid and on his pathway to success. The movie then goes on to show the hard things Ben went through growing up. In the early years of his education, he struggles with school work and once he gets into high school, he joins a gang. The group is a bad influence on him and he develops a bad temper. In one of his situations he almost hits his mom with a hammer. He buys a knife and when the “leader” of the group sets off his temper and he lunges at him, stabbing him. Luckily he hit right in the belt buckle, snapping the knife in half without injuring the “leader.” Ben ran, he ran all the way to his house and went straight into his room. Ben was freaking out and crying, this seems to straighten him up and get him back on the right path. It then flashes to Ben in college and his decision to be a neurosurgeon. Toward the end of the movie, it flashes back to Ben struggling to figure out the best surgery to perform on the babies. Ben and his selected team practice multiple times until he decides it’s now or never. When he told the twins’ parents they started to cry because Ben told them the risks of the surgery, because they would be stopping their heart to prevent too much blood loss. While he was performing surgery on the babies, it shows the parents pacing and worried sick. After the surgery was over, Ben breaks the good news to the parents and says, “The surgery was successful and both babies are alive and well.” The parents were so relieved they cried and rushed to go see their twins, no longer connected. This movie is one of the best I’ve ever seen, in fact it’s my favorite. You should really check it out, on Netflix or DVD, you won’t regret it!

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Gifted Hands